Self-storage units are a blessing to safely keep away all the stuff that is not used regularly but is too valuable to give up. However, every person has their own needs and requirements. Fortunately, various storage units are also available to perfectly match your needs, depending on the required features. While you need to be aware of some factors like distance, safety, and cost, you should also understand how many types of self-storage units are available and which one will suit your requirements the best.

Let us see the different types of self-storage units that you can choose from.

#1- Indoor Storage Unit: These are the most common type of self-storage units available and rented. Large warehouses and buildings explicitly constructed for storage units are indoor kinds. They have multiple units that can be accessed with security codes. You will have to cross gates and security protocols of the campus to reach your storage unit. They are available in different sizes and come with various facilities. You can store anything legal in indoor storage units like books, household items, festive decorations, extra materials from home, and items for occasional use.

#2- Outdoor Storage Unit: Outdoor storage units are more like roofed garages and even just a parking area. They are not meant to store household belongings or anything valuable. Anything stored in an outdoor storage unit is exposed to sun, air, and other weather elements. These are primarily used to keep boats, RVs, trucks, and other vehicles.

#3- Mobile Storage Unit: One of the main reasons people don’t rent a storage unit is the time wasted driving back and forth. It also costs additional money on fuel. A mobile storage unit allows you to call up your storage facility and ask them to deliver the unit (also called a pod, mobile container, and storage container) to your home. You can keep everything inside it at your pace and call the facility to take it back. It is a good storage option to save money and is available in various sizes.

#4- Drive-Up Storage Unit: As the name suggests, you can drive up to these storage units in your vehicle, park them outside or inside them, and store or unload stuff. They are usually constructed in rows and connected through roads. Some may even have wide enough roads to drive a truck or large vehicle in. They provide very easy accessibility and large rooms for storage. Mostly outdoor recreational equipment, gardening tools, and automobiles are stored in them.

#5- Climate-Controlled Storage Units: Temperature or climate-controlled storage units are very helpful if you need to store environment-sensitive items like furniture, fine arts, fabrics, leather, and expensive cars. They are also excellent choices for your wine collection. You can set the humidity, temperature, and moisture levels of your climate-controlled storage units. It usually depends on what you are storing in them. Being a climate-controlled unit, it provides an additional barrier from pests, rodents, and dust.

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