Advancements Making Strides

First and foremost, we’re no longer in the age of finding a storage facility by merely driving around or by a recommendation of a friend. Although word-of-mouth is still a dominant form of pressing business, everyone looks to their phone or tablet to research online for the nearest store with outstanding reviews and a multitude of services.

Management Software

For owners that manage more than one facility, having a single software the can cover the scope of all your locations is a great way to keep everything organized. Many of these software’s include features like backing up data, online reservations, and payment options. The demand is still growing because the benefits were incomparable to anything else going on in Miami self storage.

Online Integration

If your company isn’t utilizing the advantage of a digital marketing team to drive traffic to your business, you’re missing out. Having an updated website is one of the most crucial components in staying ahead of the competition. To dive deeper, incorporating your operations into your site will give you the tools to increase management productivity and overall profits.

Payment Options

Before technology took over, the only form of payment accepted at self-storage facilities was through cash, check, and credit card. Nowadays, you can go online and submit payments however you prefer; this method accommodates to people with varying schedules. As a bonus, you can gear promotions straight to your customers and keep tabs on all the movement through management software. Having a 24/7 window for payments opens a door for people with schedules that reside outside of the designated business hours.

Xtra Storage Companies

For us to keep servicing clients with the utmost professionalism and friendliness, we find it extremely important to stay in-the-know with everything that’s going on within the self-storage industry. Technology is changing experiences in our everyday lives and is beginning to trickle into more and more businesses day by day. With our storage facilities in Florida specifically, we’re personal with our clients. We build our business on trustworthiness, relationships, and expert service. For more information on our market, self storage in Miami and any questions, you may have, please give us a call today!