You’ve decided renting a storage unit in Aventura is the ideal way to keep your belongings secure and safe. Perhaps you’ve decided to store the push lawnmower as you’ve invested in a riding tractor. After finding the appropriate solution, you boxed, labeled, and organized your belongings effectively for the months to come.

Sometime later, your tractor is, unfortunately, dealing with some mechanical hiccups, and it’s time to retrieve “old reliable” from storage. You are displeased to discover that the outside is deteriorating from rust. The wheels also no longer seem to move as you remember. While this predicament can be frustrating to experience, it can be relieving to know that it is also entirely preventable.

How Rusting is Caused So You Can Prevent It

It may go without saying that any items containing or composed of iron, aluminum, copper, or even gold and silver are at risk of oxidizing and producing rust, which will lower the quality of your belongings both structurally and aesthetically. Typical items stored away that see rust are bicycles, lawnmowers, automobiles, wagons, jewelry, hand-tools, and so on.

Rust is the result of iron reacting with water and oxygen. This act of oxidizing is what causes corrosion. It can occur in the form of pitting, or cavity-forming rust, which is what happens in unprotected metals. It can also spread when metal makes contact with already rusting material. Finally, it can also appear via crevices such as the little space between nuts and bolts.

All of these items, if stored as-is, can likely develop rust if you fail to take necessary precautions. Take care to review and consider some of these recommendations before locking things away.

Give It a Thorough Cleaning

Be sure that the stored item is cleaned up of any dirt, grease, or grime that accumulated during home storage or with regular use. This step is essential when considering the additional options mentioned below. Give your belongings a bit of extra TLC before packing them away.

Apply Protective Paints and Waxes

You can purchase paints and primers made without a water-based solution to freshly coat the item. Consider also using a vinyl wash, which can act as a hardened layer that serves to keep it protected and dry. Additionally, you can use a wax that seals the product in question and protects it from external environmental elements.

Grease Up Axles, Joints, and Wheels

Any vehicles or tools that utilize wheels or function with a pivot are susceptible to issues caused by rusting. Such buildup can make it exceedingly difficult to use or clean as the corrosion will lock the axle in place. Anti-rust lubricants, oil, or grease such as WD-40 can effectively keep these swivels working as intended.

Keep Your Aventura Storage Bay Cool and Dry

Since excess moisture is a primary cause of rust, it may be necessary to consider storage with the option to manage the ongoing temperature. You can also consider using a dehumidifier for larger units in exceptionally moist climates. For smaller valuables, consider using silica gel packets or other moisture-wicking products. These will serve to soak up any excess water levels in the environment so that they do not begin enacting any harmful effects on your belongings. Check on these products regularly to replace them as needed.

If you’re getting ready to move some of your valued possessions into storage, bear these tips in mind. It can take months for rust to appear, but it can also begin in as quickly as a week under the right conditions. Investigate if your storage unit offers protection against external conditions and treat your belongings prior to storage by following these tips. Enjoy the maximized longevity of these items by choosing a storing solution with Xtra Storage at our Aventura location. We’re located in Ojus, just west of Golden Beach and Sunny Isles Beach. Contact us at our Aventura location today at (305)-257-9194 to find a storage solution that’s appropriate for you.