It’s that time of the year again where after a grueling long semester, the much-anticipated journey back home awaits. After each tedious semester, students learn many new things and are brimming with exciting prospects. However, one thing remains essential for all students coming back home, and that’s storing their stuff that’s being left behind or taking up too much space at home. Here’s what you would need to ensure you that while going home, and possibly when returning to your university.

Sort Out All of Your Seasonal Items

Before the exciting trip back home, you’ll need to ensure that all of your stuff at your dorm is being kept safe. Of course, you cannot pack everything for the home, and so some of your stuff has to be taken care of for the next semester. The first way to go about storing these items is to separate your seasonal belongings, i.e., heavy blankets, extra jackets, etc. stashed away in your closets for use later.

Additionally, with the weather and temperature changing, you may very well be inclined to bring back your warm/cold clothes and swap them for better-suited attire in anticipation for the new season. Get a clear plastic box from a local department store so that you can organize all your items in one place. Whenever you go to the storage facility, you’ll see everything clearly and be able to switch out clothes accordingly.

how to store the essentials for the holidaysStash Away Your Books and Stationery

If we’re real, nobody studies during their vacation. With the apparent humor aside, there are a plethora of reasons why you may not want to bring your course books back on the journey home. Books that you may need in the following semester should be kept in a medium-sized storage unit for easy access. If you use E-Books or any other form of electronic copy, however, it may be advisable to take them with you for safe keeping.

Additional Last-Minute Tasks

While visible, it always helps to check one last time if you have forgotten anything. Use recyclable boxes for books, quilts, and toiletries. Cleaning your room may make you find stuff you had already given up looking for. Finally, lock your room so that no one you don’t want access to it can do so.

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