Wines are the most popular choice of alcoholic beverages whether in a business party, a fund-raiser, a casual dinner, or a wedding. The several varieties can easily pair up with any occasion complimenting the celebrations perfectly. However, most people do not know how to enjoy their wines. Many don’t even have a preference. Fortunately, you can always take a guidance lesson and feel confident around others at the main event.

Here are some wine etiquette tips that you should know about!

Tip #1- Do Not Mix the Flavors: Most flavors interfere with the wine tasting. It is best to avoid intense flavors within a few hours of your tasting day. Do not eat chewing gum or drink coffee. It is best to avoid brushing your teeth close to your wine tasting hours.

Tip #2- Spitting is Okay: When tasting multiple bottles, you get the choice of overindulging in, or experiencing, the flavors. It is entirely acceptable if you want to spit in a cup or spittoon or empty extra wine in the bucket at the counters. Make sure you use a napkin to wipe off your face once done.

Tip #3- Revisiting is Allowed: If you like wine and may consider purchasing it, you can politely ask someone to revisit the bottle. They would be happy to entertain your wishes and may give you further insights.

Tip #4- Keep Your Stomach Full: It is always recommended to have your stomach full or at least eat something before drinking any alcoholic beverage. Alcohol enters the bloodstream quickly, and you will feel the effects faster than usual if you’re running on empty. You can also take along some snacks if you are on tour. Remember, however, that your snack should not be too pungent to interfere with your wine tasting.

Tip #5- Pace Yourself: Winery, tasting room, and fine dining restaurants are no place to overindulge in alcohol. While alcohol affects every person differently depending on their body weight, tolerance, and what they have eaten, you should still try to pace yourself at these places. You are there to enjoy the variety of flavors wines offer—not to get drunk.

Tip #6- Relish Your Wine: Sniffing your wine allows your taste buds to pick up the various subtle flavors your pour has. The taste of the wine primarily depends on its aroma. Just swirl your wine in the glass a little and take a sniff. While drinking, let the wine play with your taste buds. The first taste is important, but so is the aftertaste.

Tip #7- Try New Varieties: Although beginners are asked to try the best-known ten wines to build a taste for wines, you should not stop there. Wines create various flavors depending on their oak barrel aging and the type of grape used. Their flavors also depend on the region where they are produced. You should try out every wine variety there is available to broaden your wine repertoire.

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