People keep a lot of things in their rented public storage in Aventura. Most of these items are seasonal clothes that only take up space during other times. However, most people do not realize the need to keep the clothes correctly, even in a closed storage unit. As a result, they often find their clothes in bad condition when they finally come to pick them up. Knowing the right way to store your clothes in a storage unit is essential to prevent moldy smells, wrinkles, and ruined materials.

Let us see how you can keep your clothes from getting ruined in your storage in Aventura.

Will Clothes Get Ruined In a Storage Unit?

People are usually afraid of storing their clothes in a storage unit, thinking they may get ruined in it. However, you can avoid this by storing them in the right manner. Your clothes may attract mildew, mold, and pests and get ruined if you do not store them properly.

How to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit?

People keep all types of clothes and materials properly in their rented storage in Kendall. However, every material has a different requirement to stay in its best state. It is recommended to get an air-conditioned storage unit for optimum results. But if you do not have a climate-controlled self-storage unit, you should know a few tips and tricks to help you. Here are some tips to avoid ruining your clothes when storing them in a storage unit-

Tip #1- Wash and Dry Your Clothes Thoroughly: You should wash and dry your clothes thoroughly before packing them away in a storage unit. Any hint of odor, dirt, food stains, or dust will attract pests. They will also seep deeper into the material and ruin the cloth. You should also ensure they are completely dried as moisture can attract mold and mildew spores and give them suitable conditions to grow.

Tip #2- Pack Your Clothes in Air-Tight Containers: Your clothes can catch dust, and even if you dry them completely, mildew spores may grow on them. You can avoid that by properly folding your garments and packing them in air-tight containers that do not allow air to enter the box. The extra moisture will also not enter the plastic bin if it is air-tight, keeping your clothes safe.

Tip #3- Avoid Moisture with Desiccants: You may dry your clothes thoroughly, but they can still absorb moisture from the environment. Even if you are storing them inside air-tight plastic bins, you can use silica gel desiccants to remove any moisture from your clothes when putting them in Aventura storage units.

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