When it comes to storing your goods, it is important that you invest in the absolute best when it comes to what the units offer in the form of protection of your assets. Now, this could involve the standard idea that comes to mind when considering security, such as personnel at the location, security cameras, and sturdy locks. This also stems from the environment that will be housing your things, individually, the climate control of the unit itself. Making sure that your items are not subject to extreme temperature changes is more important than you may know, and therefore, let us show you why a storage unit without climate control is not the way to go.

Does My Storage Unit Need Climate Control?

Short answer, yes, you do. But, you probably want to know why specifically you should invest in a climate controlled unit. Here are four reasons why you need one for your precious property.

Protection from Extreme Temperatures

We all know how Florida is in the summer, it gets beyond hot here. With that, we also have humidity levels that do not seem to quit. This extreme temperature high will cause any locations interior to skyrocket to dangerous levels. No, bear in mind, this does not merely mean danger to living things, but the heat can cause damage to occur to your things as well.

Items that would benefit from a controlled climate environment:

  • Antiques, especially wood furniture
  • Musical instruments
  • Mattresses
  • Books and magazines
  • Electronics
  • Important documents
  • Upholstered furniture

    Air Quality

Miami Self StorageThe circulation of air means for a constant supply of new air, leading to better quality inhabiting your unit. This prevents you from needing to open your unit to get some fresh air inside.

Added Barrier Control

Climate controlled units are more often than not sealed with greater care and offer a more reliable barrier to the outside world. This prevents the incursion of water, dirt, and rodents from getting in and potentially ruining valuable items.

Just a Little Extra= Peace of Mind

Though it is true that a climate controlled unit will cost more than that of a standard unit, it is pretty inconsequential when you realize what you are getting in return. You are paying for assured protection from everything the outside world has to throw at your things.

Xtra Storage Spaces

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