Wine storage can be a complicated art, even for connoisseurs. Along with making sure that they’re stored at a proper temperature, you also need to take into account sediment, corks, and more.

In this article, we’ll address one of the most frequently-asked questions we get: why is wine stored on its side? Along with answering that question, we’ll also address when a wine can be stored upright.

Why is Wine Stored On Its Side?

For storing wine, one of the biggest things you want to avoid is a dried-out cork. When corks dry out, they’re more likely to crumble when you open them. While drinking cork isn’t harmful to your health, it has a strong taste which is likely to ruin the wine tasting experience.

Dried out cork is also a sign that the wine is no longer properly sealed. When corks are working properly, they protect wine from the air. This prevents oxidation and ensures that the wine’s taste has been preserved.

When stored upright, the cork is only exposed to air, which means that it’s likely to dry out over time. Wines that are placed on their side, on the other hand, means that the wine is in contact with the cork, helping to keep it moist.

Should You Ever Store Wine Upright?

Some people say that Champagne and Madeira should be stored upright instead of on their side, because they don’t have the same issues that other wines have.

For champagne, this is because it’s a sparkling wine: its contents are already humid because they’re pressurized, which means drying the cork out is less of a concern. For Madeira, it’s already so oxidized that there’s less of a concern about it getting more oxidized.

However, it’s important to note that there’s no particular benefit to storing these wines upright. Instead, you simply have the option as to whether you want to store your wine upright or on its side. Because there’s no harm to storing wine on its side — but many wines shouldn’t be stored upright — most storage facilities will store all wine on its side.

That said, it is advised that you stand an older bottle of wine upright roughly a day or so before drinking. This way, any sediment that’s in the bottle will separate to the bottom, making the decanting process easier.

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