In most cities, renting a space is an expense many people can’t afford. If you find a decent apartment to stay in, you will have to juggle between good food and a proper lifestyle. While you can always store your unnecessary stuff in a storage unit, most even think of living in one. It may seem like a pretty fine idea looking at the amount you will be saving along with a larger space, but it’s not. So before you decide to take your belongings to live in your rented storage unit, look at why you should not go ahead with that plan.

Here are some reasons why you should never live in your storage unit-

It is illegal: Storage facilities are improving their security features with complex and sophisticated tools like key-coded gates and automatic logbooks. If you get caught, which you might, no matter how cautious you are, the case will be handled by the police. You may even go to jail for breaking your lease agreement. Further, if children are involved, Child Protective Services could be required in the case as well. You will lose custody of your children if you cannot provide them with proper living conditions.
It is unsanitary: There is no running water to wash hands when you want. The bathrooms in the storage facility might not be accessible, and you will have a hard time controlling your bowels and not getting caught. The storage facility managers will soon know that someone lives there without permission with the missing toiletries and sounds. There is no proper ventilation in the storage units, and vents may not be clean enough. They may pose a risk to your health.
It is unsafe: The doors in most storage facilities are garage-style roll-ups that only lock on the outside. If you are a tight-sleeper, you will have to sleep in an unlocked room where anyone can enter. Moreover, most facilities have patrolling teams to check that every door is locked to ensure the safety of the renter’s belongings. However, if you are in the unit, you may either be locked inside or caught.
You could die: The structure of the storage units is not constructed according to human survival. You may spend some days in there, but trying to become a live-in tenant is a lost cause. You will also have to schedule your day following the accessibility timings of the storage facility. And trying to move in and out without getting caught is more challenging than it may sound. Additionally, if your storage unit is not climate-controlled, you will freeze in the winters and be very hot in the summers. You will be uncomfortable and soon start to feel claustrophobic inside the four walls. The absence of sunlight, safety, and poor ventilation will only risk your life further.

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