When people think of a wine collection, they often envision a wine cellar with racks and racks of bottles. That said, it’s less often that we ask the question: why do people store wine underground?

Below, we will endeavor to answer that question by explaining the benefits that underground storage offers to wine connoisseurs. While this will help to show why wine cellars are popular, we also hope it shows how these benefits can be applied to above-ground storage facilities as well.


Wine needs to be stored in a particular environment to age properly. Besides making sure you’ve found a suitable temperature, you also want to make sure that the area isn’t too humid.

The problem is twofold: you don’t want the temperature to cause your wine to age too quickly or too slowly, but you also want to make sure that the wine’s cork stays intact.

Hotter temperatures cause the wine to age quicker, while cooler temperatures cause the wine to age slower, so you may want to lean towards one temperature or another if your collection is particularly young or old. If a cork is exposed to too much humidity, the moisture that it absorbs will cause it to crumble and mix with the wine.

This is a particular problem in South Florida, which is known for both its hot temperature and its humidity. Wine cellars provide the exact environment that wine needs, though it’s important to note that this environment can also be stimulated in any state-of-the-art storage area. It’s simply easier to reach these conditions underground.


Along with providing the right environment, a wine cellar is also excellent for the organization. If you have a large number of bottles, they need to be put somewhere, and a wine fridge may not provide enough space depending on the size of your collection.

Because a wine cellar gives you space, you can then organize the bottles however you’d like to. As well, there’s enough space to accommodate any bottles with unique shapes or designs.

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