Are you a young up-and-comer looking forward to that big first day of college? Are you a seasoned sophomore considering your moving options while away from home? Maybe you are a parent concerned about fiscally responsible choices for your child as they leave home.

Regardless of your situation, no one typically enjoys the process of moving, let alone where to house their belongings. Consider renting a storage unit in our Kendall location to make the transitions during the college years easier to navigate by having one less thing to worry you.

Why Should I Invest in a Kendall Storage Unit?

• Many current and prospective college attendees will be traveling a long distance from home. When going on breaks or experience any changes in living arrangements, it’s not always feasible to transport all of your furniture and belongings while also making sure there’s adequate space for it all. It also may be more cost-effective in the long run.

• Having a nearby unit in the Kendall area is an effective way to keep your living space neat and livable, especially if you’re in tight quarters with one or even multiple roommates. With a unit, your items are always close if and when they are needed.

• While you and your roommates may become best friends, everyone has belongings they wish to keep safe and private. Everyone has needs for personal space. Consider this more-so when the area is already limited. Your privacy is also something to consider.

• If you have a vehicle that needs safekeeping during the semester, storing it is a viable option that keeps it safe from both theft and vandalism. Unprotected parking lots can be unsafe, especially long-term.

• If you’re fortunate enough to earn the opportunity to study abroad, storing your belongings near campus can make your transition back into the country and on campus simpler when the time comes.

• It frees up otherwise unused space in your parents’/guardian’s home. While storing things you’re not using in your old bedroom might be out-of-sight, out-of-mind for you, it’s not for them. They’ll thank you for it.

Can I Afford Another Expense as a College Student?

Let’s face it – attending school is already a costly endeavor. When you add up tuition, textbooks, and supplies, another expense can be intimidating. Moving your belongings back every year, however, can quickly add up in fuel or rental truck fees, as well.

That’s why XtraStorage Companies value their clients and offer affordable deals specifically for college students. Whether you require a unit for various odds-and-ends or something large enough to store your vehicle, you can clean up your living situation using a variety of plans. Some of these include one-time payments for the summer break as well as payments you can split with your roommates.

Consider the Safety of Your Belongings

While we would all like to believe in the kindness and honesty of others, damages and theft can occur regardless of your living arrangements. A shared living space likely means that not just will your roommates will be in-and-out, but their guests will be as well. It is not realistic to expect eyes on your belongings at all times, nor should you have to – especially over extended breaks. Storage units, however, are equipped with security, surveillance, gates, and locks to monitor your possessions and assure their safekeeping.

Whether you’re packing up to leave home for the first time or looking for alternative solutions to make these transitions more palatable, know that there’s likely a storage solution that’s just right for you. If you’re attending school in the Miami area, Xtra Storage Companies has a prominent location in Kendall to assist you with your Miami storage needs. We can be found near Briar Bay Park, just a ten minute drive from Pinecrest. Contact us today if you need the best storage for textbooks!