Hundreds of storage units are rented in the United States every year. They provide you with an additional space to store your valuable items that are occasionally used. While many families and students depend on storage facilities for the room, they also tend to abandon it for multiple reasons. Storage facilities then sell out these abandoned storage units to get their outstanding money back. If you are considering renting a storage unit or buying an abandoned one in an auction, it would be a great idea to start with learning why people leave their units in the first place.

Here are some reasons storage units are abandoned-

Reason #1- Financial Hardships: Most of the time, renters cannot keep up with their bills. When the tab increases to the point that they can no longer afford to pay it all back, they abandon their storage units to be auctioned. However, the storage facility gives notice to the renters regarding completing their financial obligations in time.

Reason #2- Untimely Death: Unexpected deaths are another reason for abandoned storage units. Most of the time, the family and children left behind have no clue about the unit’s existence. Even when the facility sends the notice, the loved ones are already too late in paying the bills and taking back the unit or its contents that the storage facility puts the entire unit on auction.

Reason #3- Hospitalization for Extended Periods: No one cares about a storage unit and its content at the time when their loved one is hospitalized due to unexpected accidents or life-threatening diseases. Many times the family is not aware of the storage unit, and the patient is not well enough to pay the facility their due. If the hospitalization occurs for an extended period, the storage facility has no option but to notify the renter about the auction.

Reason #4- People Relocate and Forget: In many cases, people relocate to another place and eventually forget about their storage unit. Sometimes, when the job offers a sudden opportunity, people have no time to check their storage unit before leaving the city. Often people only relocate for a limited time, but the project gets elongated, and their stay becomes more permanent. In all such situations, the renters are not able to care about their storage units and fall short.

Reason #5- Imprisonment: If the renter is caught and imprisoned for an extended time, their unit is put up for auction. Sometimes, if the renter keeps prohibited items or conducts illegal jobs like drug dealing through the storage unit, they are sent to prison. Mostly, they are not allowed to visit their units, and it is abandoned.

Reason #6- Divorce: Couples usually rent a storage unit together. If they divorce, whoever gets the unit often does not return to take their items.

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