When you store a vehicle in a storage unit, there are some things you need to know to keep your car safe and protected. Here is a list of what you should do to prepare your car for storage and what to expect when you retrieve it.

Choose the right storage unit size for your vehicle

When selecting a storage unit to store your vehicle, the most important factor to consider is its size. If the vehicle is too large for the storage space, you may experience difficulty maneuvering in and out of the unit and could end up damaging it. 

A space that is too small can lead to an uncomfortable fit and place extra strain on the paint and create dents. To avoid these potential hassles, be sure to choose an appropriately sized storage unit so that you can guarantee a secure fit that won’t cause damage.

Make sure the storage unit has adequate ventilation

When selecting a storage unit for your vehicle, it’s important to make sure that it has adequate ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause mold and mildew growth, which, if not addressed in a timely fashion, can destroy many of the surfaces, fabrics, and components in your vehicle. 

One way to check this is by asking the storage provider if they have humidity and temperature control measures in place to ensure air cycles regularly throughout the space. Consider ventilated options like indoor or outdoor coverings to help keep the interior fresh. Taking these precautions can save you money, time, and effort further down the road.

Protect your vehicle’s tires by storing your vehicle on a level surface

Placing your vehicle in an off-site storage unit can be a convenient solution to meet temporary and long-term vehicle storage needs. It is crucial, however, to protect your vehicle by ensuring it is stored on a level surface. It can keep the tires from developing potentially costly flat spots and help prevent any other issues resulting from gravity-induced wear and tear. To maintain the health of your vehicle’s tires, find a storage unit that is not only dry and secure but also stores vehicles on even surfaces for the duration of their stay.

Cover your vehicle with a tarp or car cover to keep it clean and protected

To keep your vehicle properly maintained while it is stored in a storage unit, cover it with a tarp or car cover. Doing this will protect it from dust, dirt, and other elements that can damage the exterior of your vehicle. 

A tarp or car cover allows for a layer of insulation between your vehicle and whatever else may be stored in the unit, helping to preserve its pristine condition. 

It will help maintain the value of your car if you decide to sell it at some point down the road. A tarp or car cover is an essential requirement for extending the life of your vehicle.

Disconnect your vehicle’s battery if you’ll be storing it for an extended period

Storing your vehicle for an extended period requires special care, such as disconnecting the battery and taking other proactive maintenance steps. Disconnecting the battery is especially important when storing a vehicle for a long period, as it can help prevent corrosion, damage, and even theft. 

Occasionally, check in on your stored vehicle while it’s disconnected, just to make sure all is still in order. Disconnecting the battery will keep your vehicle secure during its stay in storage and ensure that it is running optimally after you take it out.

Remove all valuables from your vehicle before storing them in a storage unit

You must remove all valuables before storing your car in a storage unit. Taking the time to thoroughly check your vehicle for items like sunglasses, tools, first-aid kits, and other belongings ahead of time will save you from potential losses due to theft or destruction from unpleasant weather. Make sure to also clean out any garbage and vacuum the interior of the vehicle before locking it up in the storage unit.

Following these suggestions is key to keeping your vehicle safe while being stored away.

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