A wine cellar can fulfill many requirements, from an elegant focal piece to a safe place for your valuable wine collection to be arranged. It helps you collect, preserve, and showcase your wine collection in the classiest manner possible. A wine cellar is also a form of an alternative asset as it increases the overall property value of your house if you ever wish to sell it. So when there are so many benefits to having a wine cellar, you would also want one that perfectly matches your requirements.

Let us see what goes into the perfect wine cellar-

The Location-

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when thinking of a perfect wine cellar is its location. If the area you choose to build does not suit the wines or your convenience, a grand fully automatic cellar can also be imperfect. The best place to build a wine cellar is in the basement, which provides all appropriate temperature, humidity, and darkness conditions. Other locations can be anywhere with these suitable conditions without frequent disturbance.

The Design-

The primary two designs of domestic cellars are underground wine cellars where the conditions are naturally constant and electronic climate-controlled cellars that artificially regulate the conditions. The two wine cellar designs can then further be divided into various styles-

  • Glass-enclosed: The most popular choice for a modern-styled home is the glass-enclosed cellars. They can fit anywhere, be customized to any size, and appeals the most by exhibiting your precious wine collection.
  • Cave style: People who want to experience traditional methods of collecting wines go for this setup. They look and give a feel of an actual cave built under the hills. You can easily make it in your basement for suitable conditions.
  • Wine walls: If you are low on space, wine walls can perfectly suit your needs. They have the same capacity as any other wine cellar with much less room requirement.
  • Wine racks: If you do not have much space in your home, racks are even better than wine walls. You can customize them to different sizes according to the area available and the collection space needed.
  • Wine cellar rooms: People with large spaces and a preference for a sitting area with their collection opt for wine cellar rooms. The room will have a wine cellar, a table, and chairs to give it a bar-like appearance. You can hang out with your family, friends, and colleagues for wine-tasting sessions.

The Key Components-

Preserving your wine from going bad is critical for any wine collector. Here are some key components you need to consider when building one-

  • Temperature and humidity: The ideal temperature for any wine ranges from 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal humidity is between 50-70%.
  • Ventilation: Good airflow is critical for wines to keep the temperature low and prevent mold formation.
  • Other conditions: Wines also need to stay away from light and constant vibrations.

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