Everyone knows the benefits of having self-storage options are like an extension of your home. You can store almost anything and everything within your designated spot. However, there are a few things that can’t just be chucked into the space without any regard.

Take Note on These Few Things

Perishables – If you didn’t already know, perishables are goods that can expire. Although we don’t expect an entire produce section to take up space inside your unit, we are sure that people have thought about it. If you live somewhere that requires you to have a stash of canned foods, water jugs, etc. in case of a natural disaster, we understand the preparedness tactics you’re taking, but they shouldn’t be housed inside storage. What is out of sight is out of mind, and we’d hate to see anything happen to your belongings.

Nature/Plant Life – Fake plants live on for years, so keeping them inside the storage unit is definitely doable, but not the real thing. If you know that you can’t keep a plant in your house because you’ll kill it, it’s best to gift it to someone who will care for it or donate it to your local community. Plants need constant sunlight and hydration to stay alive, and they won’t find it inside of a storage unit!

Medicine – Similar to perishables, medicine can also expire and essentially, go bad. Even if it’s old medicine from an injury you had years ago or over-the-counter bottles that you have taken stock of, you shouldn’t have those items in your storage unit.

Gas–Powered Equipment – Anything that contains any amount of gas should not only stay away from your own belongings, but also everyone else’s. There’s no way to know what the person next to you is going to have in their unit, and the last thing you want is to have gas leaking all over everything and ruining your items.

Xtra Storage

One aspect that you’ll find among our facilities is staff that will educate clients on basic guidelines to store all their items with us. When it comes time to switch things around or figure out what should be purged before stacking 10 boxes high, we have some knowledge to help make the transition much smoother.