Preventing theft in self-storage facilities is factually teamwork. Both the storage facility managers and the renter should take responsible steps for securing storage units. Even though the renters must always assure that the facility they are renting a unit in has suitable theft-prevention mechanisms installed, you cannot judge a place by one look. You must make every possible move to keep your valuable assets safe since they are yours to lose at the end of the day, whether expensive or personal heritage.

Here are some tips to keep your valuables safe in a self-storage facility!

1. Check the Security Features: The first thing any customer should do before renting a storage unit is check the security features that the establishment provides. The facilities provided by the self-storage are the first wall of protection for your valuables in the unit. To begin with, you can look for-

  • Availability of 24-hour security team and managers on the site
  • Operational security cameras
  • Well-lit indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Password or code-secured access
  • Maintained logbooks
  • Well-maintained property

2. Use A Good Lock: Many self-storage facilities sell or provide locks. Make sure you take all the keys if you are renting. Otherwise, if you are purchasing a lock, make sure you buy one that is theft-resistant, bolt cutter-resistant, and cannot be tampered with. Avoid using pad-locks because they have a long shackle that can be cut easily. Anyone can quickly unlock them with simple manipulations. Go for a disc lock or cylinder lock with hidden shackles inaccessible to thieves. Robbers always need to operate quickly, and if your lock is a tough one, they will overlook your unit and move ahead.

3. Get an Indoors Unit: The game plan of every thief is for a quick exit. They will not risk getting caught by robbing a unit built in the middle of the self-storage facility. To make your belongings extra-safe, rent a unit that does not have any exit points near it.

4. Buy an Insurance Plan: Protection and insurance plans might increase your expenses a little, but they are of great advantage in difficult times. In case there are natural calamities, fires, or any other naturally damaging activity around your unit, the insurance money will cover your valuables. You may not be storing diamonds or expensive art in the unit, but if anything you decide is worth keeping in your life instead of throwing away, must be valuable. Purchase a good insurance plan for your self-storage unit to ensure your valuables stay safe.

5. Don’t Share Your Passcodes: Your self-storage facility may have the best security features, and you may have locked your unit with the best lock in the market, but none of that matters if you share your passcodes with everyone. You can control who has access to your storage unit, but we recommend not to give your passcodes and keys to anyone unless you know and trust that person.

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