Are you planning on storing the valuable belongings you don’t frequently use in storage in Kendall? Although most of the time, air-conditioned or climate-controlled units are recommended to store away the articles you don’t frequently use, there are certain cases where non-climate controlled storage units will better serve your purpose and save money. If you have a non-climate controlled unit, you may want to know the items you can safely keep in them.

Here are all the things you can store in a non-climate-controlled Palmetto Bay storage container.

What is a Non-Climate-Controlled Unit?

Non-climate-controlled units, as the name suggests, are storage containers where the storage company does not regulate the temperature inside. Although it is recommended to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, non-climate-controlled storage units in public storage in Kendall can suit some cases. For instance, if you live in an area where temperature and humidity fluctuations are not extreme or if you want to store items that are not affected by radical climatic changes.

What Can I Store in Non-Climate-Controlled Units?

There are many things that can go in a non-climate controlled public storage in Aventura. These include items that do not get affected by fluctuating or extreme temperatures and moisture levels. Here are a few things you can store in a non-climate-controlled storage unit without having to worry about damaging them-

#1- Automobiles: You can keep most vehicles in a non-climate-controlled unit since they are made to be driven and parked in garages. You can also store recreational vehicles like boats and RVs in a non-climate-controlled unit. However, if you collect classic cars or vintage models with leather seats, it is best to go with a climate-controlled unit to keep them from being destroyed.

#2- Gardening equipment: Another thing you can store in a non-climate-controlled unit is gardening equipment. These tools will not get damaged when exposed to high heat or cold and should do fine without a climate-controlled storage unit. Some examples of these are shovels, rakes, lawnmowers, weed whackers, and other gardening tools.

#3- Kitchen utensils: You can store most kitchen items like crockery made out of bone china, plastic, and silicone in non-climate-controlled units. However, you may want to rent a climate-controlled unit for glassware as it may get affected by intense temperatures.

#4- Outdoor furniture: Patio furniture is built to be resilient against harsh environmental elements like sunlight, heat, cold, rains, and heavy winds. You can rent a non-climate-controlled unit from storage companies in Miami for your outdoor furniture and sit back and relax, as it will be fine whenever you return to get it.

Things to Consider-

Here are a few things you should remember when storing your items in a non-climate-controlled storage unit-

  • Dry everything thoroughly.
  • Use air-tight containers.
  • Use cedar balls to prevent pests.
  • Keep clothes in wardrobe boxes.

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