Bicycles offer so many advantages. They are an environment-friendly mode of transportation that also acts as an excellent tool for exercise. It is a timeless joy to ride a bicycle early in the morning out in the fresh air surrounded by the beauty of nature. However, the modern lifestyle seldom provides us with the time to carry out cycling regularly. At such times, any bike lover would want their bike to be stored securely.
It is crucial to store bikes properly because they’re relatively easy to damage and costly to get repaired. In addition, it needs to be kept away from the elements or from places where scratches, punctures, and rust are a common occurrence.

Check out the ways you can store your bikes to avoid deterioration from disuse and also ensure that they will be more ready when it’s time to take them for a ride again:

Inflate the Tires

Before putting away your bike, ensure the tires are fully inflated, especially if the cycle will rest on its wheels, as opposed to having it suspended from a ceiling. If your tires are flat, the bike’s weight sits there while pressing down through the rims on one spot on the rubber, resulting in deterioration or weakening of the tires. Also, use the recommended PSI on the tire to make sure you don’t over or under-inflate it.

Focus on the Frame

Wipe the frame thoroughly with a soft-bristled brush and knock away any chunks of dried mud from the frame or wheels. Follow it up with a rag to wipe it down all over to get any remaining dust and dirt, and then a focused cleaning specifically on the grease and grime. Next, thoroughly inspect the frame while cleaning it for overall soundness and structural integrity. Look for any signs of cracks or metal fatigue, particularly near weld spots and on the bottom bracket, which supports most of your weight while riding.

Lubricate the Cables

Lubricating your bicycle is vital for its maintenance. Lube will keep away rust and corrosion and prevent poor performance when you take it out again. Take a few minutes to lubricate the exposed cables that control your brakes and shifting.

Inspect Tires, Wheels, and Brake Pads

While wiping the tires, check your wheels for loose or broken spokes, and spin the wheels to ensure they spin true. The wheels should spin straight, with no veering from side to side and no rubbing against the brake pads. Check the brake pads for proper alignment and make sure there’s no excessive wear in the pads.

Clean Your Chains

Get rid of all the grease and grime accumulated on the chains during the last season of riding. Plus, add a fresh coat of lubricant to protect against rust and have it ready for the next ride.

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