Spring is here and with it warmer weather, blooming flowers, and for most of us, spring cleaning. Yes, after winter hibernation in which we enjoyed curling up under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate, we are now warm enough to start the inevitable cleaning of our house and home. This may be easier said than done; as is the case after most winters, you have a new variety of things, such as clothes, cooking appliances, and even some furniture, but not the room. Here are some ideas on utilizing your storage area to have a more comfortable home.move to a storage unit

Storing for Later

When it comes to our living space, there is only so much room to spare. With that being said you may have items that are now being replaced, as in the furniture mentioned above, clothing or other things. That being said, maybe you cannot come to part with them just yet, perhaps you would like to sell them but are unable to get the price that you want to be met. One of our storage units would be perfect for you. They are air-conditioned and adequately sealed away from the elements as to make sure your goods are properly protected.

Storing for Convenience

It is time to clean, time to scrub our house from top to bottom. With that being the case one might find it a little bit difficult to accomplish this task with all of their rooms containing furniture and other items. In this case, relocating your stuff to a new space is just the thing you need to do. But jumping your stuff from one room to the next can become tedious and get the stuff you just moved in the way. The better option is to utilize a storage area to hold your stuff until your house cleaning is complete.

Xtra Storage Spaces

Personal possessions being prepared to be sold.The Xtra Storage Companies of South Florida have been providing the best value in air-conditioned self-storage spaces for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on every day low prices, no extra fees, and are friendly to our clients! We’re a self-storage company but look at ourselves as an extension of your home. Come by for a cup of coffee and a tour — if you would like to learn more about our rates or the sizes of our units, please give us a call today at (305) 677-1483. We offer small storage spaces that would be perfect for a few boxes if you’d like to clear out some dinnerware etc.!