Self-storage facilities help clear out the clutter from your living space. Whether you are looking for short-term storage or long-term, you can find many facilities suitable for you. Choosing a self-storage unit might look like an easy task, but there are many cases when people regret the choice they made. Make sure you lookout for a facility that checks all the boxes in your requirements list. And to ensure you select the best one, take guidance before deciding on one.

Although there are numerous mistakes people can make while renting a self-storage unit, here are the top five for you so you can avoid them-

Not Doing a Thorough Research: When hunting self-storage units, you should do complete research and take references from multiple sources. The best place to begin would be the internet. You can easily find the most self-storage unit facilities over the net that will fulfill most, if not all, of your requirements. You will also find their websites and social media details. Social media handles are an excellent way to dig out any information as they not only show the features of the facility but also how the managers maintain their relationships with their clients and what the renters respond with. You should also check out the facility yourself and interrogate further once you have selected a few.
Choosing Cheap: When it comes to buying something, money is a critical factor to consider. However, spending a little extra can keep your valuable items secure for a longer run. You should also make sure that the facility is close to your place because if you rent a cheaper self-storage unit at the other end of the city, you will be wasting your gas and time anyway.
Not Checking the Facility Condition: The maintenance of the facility is also an essential factor to ensure the safety of your valuables. The facility should be clean, free of any infestation, without any water and mold damages, and the structure should be well-built. All these factors might not look important, but they all can affect your stored valuables.
Not Checking Security: When deciding on a self-storage unit, you should give equal weightage to the terms written in the agreement and the physical features. The infrastructure of the building and campus security all play a significant role in keeping your items safe. It is advised to opt for the facility that has robust fencing around the campus, surveillance cameras around the facility and for individual units, password-secured access, and logbook maintenance.
Renting the Wrong Sized Unit: Even if you strategize your storage unit plan, you might end up with a wrong-sized unit. Segregate all the stuff you want to put away for an idea about the space you will require. As a thumb rule, go for one size bigger than you estimated.

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