Many people rent self-storage units today, but only some know how to organize their items in them to increase accessibility, reduce damages, and make more space. The proper arrangement of items also helps locate the right thing in an emergency without opening every box. If you are jam-packed with lots of unused items, in your home you can rent a storage unit and arrange everything properly with some useful and practical tips.

Let us learn fifteen excellent tips to tackle the self-storage unit organizing game and win at it.

Tip #1- Label Your Boxes: Mark your boxes using different colored stickers indicating their contents to identify them quickly. Label the box “Fragile” if it holds delicate items.

Tip #2- Don’t Forget to Seal the Boxes: Seal your boxes using packing tape to keep dust from entering them.

Tip #3- Fill Up The Boxes Efficiently: Try only using two sizes of boxes. Put the heaviest object at the bottom and fill the boxes to capacity with lighter items.

Tip #4- Avoid Plastic Wraps: You may forget to dry some items thoroughly or your stored articles may absorb moisture from the environment. If packed in plastic, the moisture will help mildew to thrive.

Tip #5- Use Old Clothes to Wrap: Not using plastic bags does not necessarily mean letting your belongings get dusty. Instead, wrap them in old breathable towels and clothes.

Tip #6- Oil Tools Before Storing: Equipment and tools can catch rust and become unusable if left without care. Grease or oil them before storing them away.

Tip #7- Plan Before You Begin: Before you start arranging boxes in the unit, wait and plan out the entire arrangement. See where and how you will keep boxes according to usage to enhance accessibility.

Tip #8- Use Raising Pallets: Keeping your boxes away from the ground is essential. If they stay in contact, they will absorb moisture and invite pests like silverfish and ants. Use raising pallets to avoid this.

Tip #9- Dry Everything: Dry your articles thoroughly before packing. Wet items provide a suitable environment for mold and mildew, damaging anything stored in the unit and posing a risk to other units.

Tip #10- Arrange Essential Items In Dedicated Order: Instead of stacking boxes on top of each other, make aisles. Place items you will use more often in the front and center.

Tip #11- Dismantle the Furniture: You can save a lot of space by dismantling the furniture before storing it. Make sure you keep the screws safely.

Tip #12- Use Furniture to Store: Hollow spaces in furniture can be used to keep smaller boxes to save space.

Tip #13- Use Newspapers as Padding: Wrap delicate, breakable items in newspapers instead of bubble wraps.

Tip #14- Drain Water-Storing Items To Prevent Water Damages: Drain any appliance with water, and defrost refrigerators before storing.

Tip #15- Keep The Books Flat: Keep books flat to avoid damaging the spine. Do not fill them in a large box. Instead, use multiple small boxes to prevent lifting heavyweights.

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