Artworks such as paintings, statues, and sculptures add vibrance and style to the decor. Most of them are costly and delicate and therefore require extra care during storage and moving. Not storing artwork in suitable conditions can lead to permanent damage like fading, tearing, and scratches, all of which can considerably minimize its worth.

Here we lay down seven essential tips to help you store your artwork in the best possible way.

#1 Clean your artwork before storing

Ensure that you clean your artwork properly before storing it. Remove any dirt and dust residue on your paintings using a clean paintbrush or a piece of clean velvet cloth. Don’t use harsh chemicals or cleaning liquids to clean your artwork. If there is a piece that you don’t know how to clean, consult an expert rather than trying DIY experiments.

#2 Say no to Saran wrap

Many people think Saran wrap is ideal for protecting artworks against dust, moisture, and sunlight. But it’s not true. Saran wrap traps moisture, which leads to the growth of mold and decay on your artworks, spoiling them.

#3 Use padding for protection

Saran wraps don’t work, but something must. You can use the following materials to cover your art pieces.

A storage blanket and tape for framed pieces. Cover the edges using cardboard as they get damaged quickly while moving and in storage. Cover the front and back using a hardboard for additional protection.
Wrap unframed works with sheets of silicone release paper at the front before covering them with glassine paper. Then follow the padding process as with the framed pieces. You can use acid-free cardboard boxes to pack photographs and sculptures.

#4 Avoid rolling up your artwork

Rolling up unframed pieces of work to save space seems like a great idea, but it isn’t. Doing so for the time when you are transporting them from one place to another is fine. But if you plan to store them for an extended period, folding them damages their structural integrity and leaves them with creases.

#5 Use a climate-controlled storage unit

Artworks get damaged when exposed to temperature changes and humidity. So you need to ensure that you use a climate-controlled unit to store your artwork. Also, ask the facility whether their staff has professional knowledge and expertise in handling artworks.

#6 Don’t compromise on security

Some art pieces can cost thousands of dollars, and you don’t want them to be stolen. Before you rent a storage facility, ensure that they have adequate security measures to deter any thieves or burglars. Before making a final choice, ask for details such as whether they have security cameras installed and a list of individuals who will have regular access to your art pieces.

#7 Transport your art safely

Your job does not end at packing your art. You need to ensure that it reaches the facility without suffering any damage. It is a good idea to hire professional movers for the job. Also, inspect your art at regular intervals when it has been in storage for an extended period.

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