Our storage units in Miami & Brickell can be handy tools to utilize in keeping your home neat and clutter-free. Anything that sees minimal use, such as holiday decorations, old tools, extensive collections, or unused furniture, can be kept safely away for another day. However, many of us find ourselves being ineffectual at storing our belongings in a way that is efficient for future retrieval.

We hurriedly pack our things away, albeit safely in protective boxes, as we want to complete the heavy lifting and swiftly finish the tasks at hand. Before you know it, the Christmas lights get lost in the corner, and your collection of sports cards is not where you thought you placed it. After moving the entire unit, you find them tucked away and damaged due to improper storage. Be kinder to your future self and follow some of these essential tips for effectively avoiding these frustrations when using our Brickell storage units.

Use Easily Identifiable Containers and Label Your Brickell Storage

Create a system that works for you. You may choose to place all holiday items in specially colored containers and place tools and appliances in regular cardboard boxes. Be sure to label every box with either a category or a specific description. Keeping everything similar not only keeps it organized but allows for ease of stacking in the designated area. Using colored labels is also an option.

Identify What You Need Access To

This step is especially important. You went through all the trouble of neatly packing things away and creating an effective organization method. However, the set of hand tools you use frequently got put in the back of the storage unit behind some furniture and other boxes. Now you’re stuck doing extra heavy lifting again to retrieve what you need.

Keep frequently used or visited items at hand. You may make regular use of trip supplies if you are a frequent traveler. Perhaps you prefer to store business documents here but need them on hand in case immediate emergencies arise. Store these at an arms-length in the front of the unit. Additionally, you might want to organize the unit in a way that differentiates items that are not of use versus items used at specific times of the year. After all, a storage unit is meant to make your life easier.

Pack to Avoid Damages

It’s very disappointing to open a box residing in storage and find that improper packing or varying box weights caused damage to your belongings. Pack books and magazines flat as to avoid tearing or bending, wrap breakables or glass in cloth such as towels or sheets, and properly seal all containers to minimize dust or mildew.

Consider the Volume of Items and Keep a List

It’s easier than ever to keep a detailed list of everything that gets put away in storage. Correspond your different boxes to a listing that you can either create by hand or save as a document on your computer or mobile phone. Through digital methods, it’s easier and faster than ever to quickly locate where a specific belonging is and where the box is located.

Many of these techniques are useful as they are customizable to the individual. What’s important is creating a plan of attack that allows you to account for and prevent issues that might arise due to improper use of your storage. Make the most out of the space you’ll get by renting storage units with Xtra Storage at our Brickell location. We’re right off I-95, in Downtown Miami. Contact us today to get a storage solution that’s right for you.