Pianos are beautiful instruments that look sturdy but are very fragile. You need to be careful while moving and storing them. In matters such as this, where the risk of damage is high, you must seek professional help to avoid potential damages and chaos.

But if you want to try DIY piano moving and packing, here are some tips that can help.

Find the right storage unit

Pianos are made of wood, leather, cloth, and felt. All these materials can damage when exposed to moisture. That’s why you need a climate-controlled unit to store your piano. The ideal humidity for piano storage is between 40 -50%. Ensure that the unit is big enough to accommodate your piano comfortably.

Arrange proper packing supplies

The next step is to buy proper packing supplies to keep your piano safe during the move and in the storage unit.
Get thick blankets and plastic bubble wrap. They will protect your piano against bumps, breaks, and scratches.
You will also need heavy-duty tapes, straps, and ropes to secure these blankets and wrap them around your piano. You can also use furniture straps as they offer a better hold.
Get a moving dolly to make your piano mobile. Choose one with four robust wheels.
You will also need a moving vehicle to transport your piano to the storage facility. Find one that has a hydraulic lift; it will make loading and unloading easier.

Clean the piano before packing

Cleaning will ensure that your piano stays in top condition when you take it out of storage. Remove any dust and dirt on the piano using a dry duster and wet wipe. Make sure that the piano is completely dry once you finish cleaning it. You can also use a polish on the wood to maintain its shine. But only use a polish that is made specifically for pianos.

Cover the keys

Keys accumulate a lot of dust when not used regularly. They also take the most time to clean. So use a dust-protecting cover or a soft lint-free cloth to protect them during the move and in storage. Do not tune the piano before sending it to the warehouse. It would help if you did it afterward.

Wrap it up

Use all the packing materials like blankets and bubble wrap and to cover the piano fully before moving. Secure everything with straps and ropes. Add a protective plastic layer on top to guard it against external threats.

Call professional movers

Finally, hire movers to transport the piano to the storage facility. Professional experts will ensure that it reaches the storage unit and is placed inside safely. You must check on your piano frequently at the facility to mitigate any problems or issues.

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