Beginning your college life is definitely an exciting phase. But it also comes with a lot of morning classes, assignments, and adjustments to dorm life. While you can only work harder to achieve good grades, there is a lot more you can do about making the most out of the room you live in, including keeping all your extra stuff in self-storage in Aventura, Fl.

Here’s how to comfortably live in your dorm rooms while ensuring the safety of your stuff.

Tip #1- Increase Your Closet Space: Dorm room closets are not very spacious. You may not be able to fit all of your clothes, additional accessories, and books in it, no matter how hard you try. The good thing is you can find many storage options to get creative with your wardrobe. You can use hanging shelves, organizers, and closet rod expanders to add to your vertical storage space. You can also rent a unit in public storage in Aventura if you still have a lot of items that are not frequently used.

Tip #2- Use the Wall: You will probably not be allowed to hammer nails into the walls, whether you rent a dorm room or an apartment. Adhesive wall hooks are your best friends when it comes to using wall space in such cases. The strong glue allows them to hold pretty heavy objects, giving you more storage options. You can also use them inside your cabinets, on your bathroom tiles, and on bedroom walls.

Tip #3- Utilize the Space Under Your Bed: Most dorm rooms don’t have much space to accommodate anything beyond the most crucial stuff. Winter clothes can take up a lot of room, especially if your college is in a location that gets a lot of snow. You can use the area under your bed to store these articles. Many under-the-bed options are available in the market that can be really helpful to you. It is also advisable to rent air-conditioned storage in Miami to keep your seasonal items and add space to your room. Moreover, when you rent such units for the entire year, it will cost you much less than a short-term contract.

Tip #4- Get Multifunctional Furniture: You can find many furniture alternatives today with multifunctional features. A sofa-cum-bed and ottoman with hidden storage are just a few examples. You can also add drawers under your study table and store your books in them.

Tip #5- Rent a Storage Unit: The tips above will work while you are staying in a dorm and attending college everyday. But what about holidays? Instead of hauling everything back home and spending a lot of money and effort doing so, you can invest in Aventura storage units to keep all your belongings safe until you are back for the next semester.

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