Timepieces can be precious and valuable to individuals from all walks of life.

Whether you’re a watch collector, or have a piece that’s a precious family heirloom, you need to know how to safely store your timepieces in your Kendall / Pinecrest storage unit.

Protect Your Watches and Clocks from the Elements

There are two things that can cause noticeable damage to your timepieces if present over time – light and moisture.

When storing your timepieces, you’ll need to implement precautions to ensure that the watch itself and the strap are safe from weathering. Light can harm the dial and cause leather to have a dry, faded look. Moisture can ruin the battery as well as the inner mechanisms that allow your timepiece to function.

Your heirlooms in particular aren’t made with the same protective seals that new pieces typically come with.

Fortunately, storage boxes and units are under darkness when not in use, and generally climate-controlled at all times. In addition to what the storage unit can offer, it’s recommended to place your watch in a plastic bag with a silica gel packet to prevent any extraneous moisture from seeping in. You should also remove batteries from electronic watches before storing.

Perform Maintenance Before Storing

It’s recommended that you get collectible or luxury watches maintenanced at bare minimum once every four years. A watchmaker or jeweler can oil the internal components, remove dust and dirt, and polish the face and metal. This prevents any built-up contaminants from wearing or eroding any parts of the timepiece.

Even if you store your watch for the long-term, you should bring it out on occasion for maintenance and cleanup. It’s recommended that you wear your watch at least once in a while as your movement will prevent the oils from drying up inside. This isn’t a problem for quartz watches, and many watch cases have winders inside to keep your devices ticking.

How to Safely Pack Your Timepiece in Your Kendall / Pinecrest Unit

Modern watches should be packed in a secure case to protect it from scratches and moisture. Many of these cases come lined with felt to ensure that there’s no abrasive surfaces to scratch the glass or metal. It’s also a good idea to keep the original box and literature nearby in case you decide to sell the piece later on.

Watches or pieces without an appropriate case should be sealed as suggested in a bag with silica gel. You should then wrap the package again in bubble wrap to keep it safe from contact. It’s a popular idea among watch collectors to repurpose a fancy cigar humidor as they provide protection from contact and from external elements.

Storing Your Precious Timepieces and Heirlooms with Xtra Storage

At our Kendall / Pinecrest location, we have over 65 different sized storage units to store items as small as watches or as large as vehicles. We also have climate-controlled units to protect your delicate items from moisture and light exposure. To top it off, our facility is protected by a 24-hour monitoring system and alarm to alert us of break-ins or disaster.

To get assistance with your storage needs in Kendall / Pinecrest, give us a call today at 954-452-9600!