You don’t just own a musical instrument, you often have a sentimental connection with it. However, with changing lifestyles and reduced time, you may find it challenging to find some time to pursue your hobby or passion of music. Moreover, you may need more space in your apartment as the years go by. At such times, storing your beloved musical instrument, whether a grand piano or a guitar, in public storage in Aventura can be an excellent option.

There are a lot of precautions you may need to take while storing your musical instruments in self-storage. Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

#1- Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: Musical instruments are very sensitive to environmental elements. Whether your instrument is wooden or has metallic components, they are affected by humidity, heat, dust, and dirt. Rent a climate-controlled storage unit to ensure that the wood in your instruments doesn’t warp or expand and the metal parts remain rust-free. Ask the manager of your air-conditioned storage in Miami to set the temperature between 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity between 30-50%, which will suit most of your belongings, including musical instruments.

#2- Clean Your Instruments Before Storing Them: Just like any other article, you also need to clean your musical instruments nicely with a soft cloth and suitable cleaners. Dust can go into the minor crevices of instruments and affect their efficiency in producing sounds. Cleaning them before storing will ensure they don’t catch a lot of dirt while in storage in South Florida.

#3- Keep Your Musical Instruments in their Original Cases: The original cases and covers provided with the musical instruments are specifically designed to keep them safe from any damage and dust. It is best to keep them in their cases to keep any dirt and other damaging environmental elements away from the instrument. You can also purchase a new case or cover if the original is damaged or you cannot find it.

#4- Disassemble Your Musical Instrument: Almost every musical instrument can be disassembled into smaller parts. For instance, loose strings of every stringed instrument can be taken out as their body can warp over time, tightening the strings further. For drums, you can loosen all the drumheads before keeping them in public storage in Aventura. You do not have to take apart the pieces of a piano as their strings are made to withstand high pressures.

#5- Store them Safely: Once you have cleaned, dried, disassembled, and covered your musical instruments, you are ready to keep them away. However, it is crucial you rent the best storage in Miami to ensure they are not damaged. Do not keep anything on top of them and see that they are away from any shelf or item that could fall on them.

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