Apartments and houses have limited space in metropolitan cities. You need extra storage when you have more than what you can keep in those tiny accommodations. Apart from that, people also look for storage space when moving to a new house, switching to a minimalist lifestyle, or while decluttering.

In a storage unit, you can keep your valuables safe until you need them again. However, it’s a bit tricky to choose the right self-storage facility.

So, here we give you a low-down on the five major points you should consider when renting a storage facility.


People often need extra storage to keep their valuables, such as precious stones, paintings, and jewelry, when they decide to go traveling. So, assess the security measures the storage facility offers. For example, some facilities provide 24-hour security and surveillance. In contrast, many others use the lock-and-key method to keep your stuff safe, while some may use secured access locks with passcodes that only you know. Verify their security measures before you rent a storage unit.

Accessibility and location

Another important consideration is accessibility. Many storage facilities offer flexible working hours, while others follow regular business hours. So, if you want a unit that you can frequently access, choose the one that allows visits on weekends and evenings.

Also, consider the distance between where you live and the storage facility and how long it’d take you to get there. It shouldn’t be too far from your home. It is also essential to consider how easily you can access your unit. A few items can be heavy, and it will be difficult for you to take them if your warehouse doesn’t have elevators or car access.

Climate control

Many facilities provide climate-controlled storage space to keep humidity levels in check. If you want to store items prone to damage when exposed to weather conditions like heat, sunlight, and water, make sure you choose a climate-controlled unit.

You’d need a climate-controlled indoor unit if you are looking for self-storage facilities to park your motorcycles, RVs, or boats during the offseason.

Track record

Most storage facilities look good at the outset, and you may not instantly assess the ground reality and the problem factors right away. Check for reviews on their website or elsewhere on the web to get a clearer picture of their customer service. It would help if you also inspected the facility yourself before zeroing on it.

Insurance options

Check if the warehouse provides additional insurance coverage for storage units. Read their policy papers to know what damages they cover. The right insurance can save you from probable financial losses in an unprecedented situation.

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