Relocating to a beautiful suburban city in Florida must be everyone’s dream. Moving to a new destination is always fun, but it is also scary as you start a new life in a new place you have no clue about. It is always great to learn any and every information you can about the city. And if you like a peaceful and quiet urban city, Aventura is the perfect place for you! However, if you are seriously considering relocating here, it is best to know all you can about this place. And remember to rent self storage in Aventura, Fl, for all your storage requirements before finding a house.

Let us see more about Aventura and Aventura Xtra Storage!

What is Aventura Like?

Aventura is a small suburban city located in the northeastern part of Miami-Dade county, Florida. The name Aventura is derived from the Spanish word “adventure.” What more?! You will quickly adapt if you are fluent in Spanish. It is only thirty-three minutes drive from Miami, making it a great city for you if you also want to go on weekend trips to Miami. Here are some more facts about Aventura that you must know before you move here-

  • Activities: Aventura is known for its huge, chic, three-story complex with luxurious designer shops, dining, an interactive playground, a theater, and other entertainment. It is also a great getaway spot for people who want beaches, warm weather, and an array of beachside activities.
  • Schooling: If you have kids and are worried that relocating would affect their schooling, you can stop worrying now! The Aventura City of Excellence School has students with academic improvement every year. Education is one of the highest priorities for the city. Around 90% of the students in Aventura finish their high school, and half the population of the city is college graduates. And if your teenager needs more space for their books, you can always count on Aventura self storage.
  • Diversity: Another great thing about Aventura is that it is a highly diverse city in Florida. It has people from many cultures, religions, and languages, making it the cultural melting pot. People are friendly, tolerant, and accepting. You will fit right in no matter where you are from.
  • Safety: Aventura is one of the safest cities in Florida that you can move into. Moreover, your chances of becoming a victim in Aventura is one in twenty, making it safer than 4% of the US cities. It is truly an affordable, safe, and fun city to move to.

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