There comes the point in our life when we all need long-term storage space. It may be because we are moving to another place and don’t want to part with our belongings or simply because we have more stuff than we need but don’t want to give it away.

Whatever may be your reason for wanting a storage space, it is always tricky to select the one that has everything you need. Therefore, here we give you a low-down on the seven things you need to consider when choosing a storage space.

Storage unit’s location

The first thing you need to check is how far it is from your place. How much would it cost to take your stuff there? If you plan to store things that you would need regularly, you would have to travel frequently to get them, so the distance between where you live and your storage unit is crucial.


Not every storage unit is open 24×7. Ask the facility about their working hours, and if you can get access to your things beyond it, should the need arise. It is essential because you may not always be able to match their time.


One of the main reasons to use a storage facility is the safety that they guarantee. Please find out about the precautions and safety measures that they take to protect your belongings against damage. How do they prevent theft? Do they have digital surveillance set up? These are all critical aspects that you need to question when renting a storage unit for your valuables.

Storage unit’s condition

Make sure you check out the actual storage unit before finalizing anything. You need to know if the space is roomy and safe enough to keep your items protected against weather elements and other untoward incidents. Several temperature-controlled storage units are also available. Consider that, too, if you need to store your things at a regulated temperature.


You need to ensure that the company is trustworthy and your belongings will be safe. You can look for client testimonials and reviews on the company website. Various other websites also provide reviews and ratings. If possible, run a background check on the company to know everything there is to know about it.


What payment plans do they support? Do they have a weekly, monthly, or yearly plan? Is there some security amount or cancellation fee? Ask all these questions before opting for a storage facility.

Your requirement

Storage units are available in multiple sizes, and you need to choose as per your requirement. It is essential to opt for the right size as prices vary depending on the unit size. Wanting more space means shelling more money.

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