Self-storage facilities have to follow strict rules about what a renter is allowed or not to keep in their units. The restrictions are majorly on items that can be harmful or damaging to the facility, renter’s items, and nearby units. Some rules are also made for highly-expensive articles that the facility cannot cover in case of damage or theft. Getting comprehensive information will help you and your storage facility keep everything under control.

Here is all that you need to know about storing items in a self-storage unit!

What You Cannot Store-

1. Firearms and hazardous materials: Any item that is toxic, explosive, flammable, and can burst is not allowed in self-storage units. The list may include ammunition, weaponry, hand grenades, flame throwers, and fire-crackers. Toxic and hazardous household cleaners are also not advised to keep in the storage units. Any sort of chemicals is also not allowed in storage units from a safety point of view.

2. Plants: The ventilation in storage units is not adequate to keep a plant alive. You may know that you are not supposed to live in a closed storage unit and not keep your pets in it either. But most don’t know that you cannot store plants there either. Plants need air and sunlight for proper growth, and such conditions are not available in a locked self-storage unit.

3. Edible items: As a thumb rule, always assume that edible items are not allowed in any facility. They attract rodents, pests, mildew, and molds. These can damage your stored items, move out into the facility, and destroy other units. If you believe that a climate-controlled unit can solve your problem, it cannot. Even canned items and shelf-stable items rot at some point and cannot be stored forever. Make sure you ask your self-storage facility manager about storing sealed food items if you really need to.

4. Illegal items: If you are in possession of illegal items, you cannot keep them in your self-storage units. Firstly, they are well-monitored for the safety of the renter’s valuables. Secondly, if the storage facility staff notices anything suspicious, they are bound by the law to call the police and inform them about the wrongdoings. The police can check your units without your permission in that case.

5. Priceless items: Although not damaging, precious things are not allowed in self-storage facilities because they are very expensive. The self-storage company cannot pay you back if they are stolen or damaged on their grounds. If you store such things, you will be liable for their safety. These may include jewelry, gems, money, and expensive art pieces.

What You Can Store-

Most self-storage facilities have rules about what the renters can store and what they cannot. However, you can keep most things in the self-storage units apart from the above list. If you have doubts about some specific item, you can confirm with the facility manager about it.

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