Technological innovation has found its way into every industry across the world, and Miami self storage is no different. Not everyone is tech-savvy, but with variations of every application, the market has an abundance of opportunities for company’s of any size to thrive with using technology. Traditional methods for business have been a long-standing standard for Xtra Storage, but there is definite value in incorporating technology when applicable throughout our locations.


By far, the main focal point for any self-storage facility is to provide a certain level of security for customers, especially if they’re storing precious items. Numerous companies have been successful with their business that don’t take extreme security measures; however, that is also attributed to location! Smart locks are slowly making their way into stores because they don’t require a big ring of keys, and have a mechanism built inside to discard any keys attempting to access the unit.

Technology Tips for Self-Storage Companies

For those who are afraid of using an app on their phone or providing their credit card information online, then this may not be as much of a perk, but it’s still going to be part of the modern age moving toward a technology-run future. We live in a time where everyone pays for bills, food, school, and other miscellaneous activities through their phone.


If you’re not a global or even a local chain storage company, but still want simple ways to grow your clientele, digital marketing is a fantastic opportunity to consider. Creating a strong online presence will allow your company to reach a broad demographic without having to lift a finger. Social media marketing coupled with unique content has proven to be successful in engaging with target audiences.

Management Software

Where there is help with management, there’s a way. Web-based and Windows-based applications provide an online system to alleviate any confusion when actively running the company. Increasing customer relationships is essential to maintaining repeat and loyal customers, spreading word-of-mouth, and ultimately surging your client list. If you want to know more about our self storage in Miami, give us a call or visit any our four offices located in Aventura, Brickell, Plantation, Kendall.