Like all other industries, the self-storage industry has also been influenced by the boom in technological advancements we have experienced in the last couple of decades. Where once all we had was just a steel door and a full lock to protect our belongings, our Miami self storage security features have become more secure while at the same time becoming even more accessible at the same time. And the best example of advancements made here is the integration of the smartphone into our industry.

Mobile Apps for Personal Management

The most prominent way smartphones have been integrated into our self-storage security systems is through mobile apps. There’s no denying the versatility and functionality of apps and the self-storage industry knows how to take full advantage of this fact. Remote surveillance, inventory management, authorizing access to your stuff for other people, and staying informed about who goes in or out of your storage unit are to name a few. All of these things and more have become very easy for customers to manage with the help of a smartphone.

If you trust an outside party enough to pick up something from your unit, then taking something out of the facility can be done from the comfort of your own home. Just send an outside party to the address to pick up the selected item(s) from your locker and have management supervise as they come and go, all of which you’ll monitor through the app.

self-storage technology Near-Field Communication (NFC)

Never been a fan of keys or keycards? Wish there was just one universal key for all your locks so you could avoid carrying a massive collection of keys everywhere you go? Well, then you’re going to love the introduction of NFC into the self-storage industry! Simply explained, NFC allows two electronic devices in very close proximity contact with each other. Your smartphone can be used to pair up with your electronic gate control for your storage bunker to make it function as a crucial virtual card.

Just place your smartphone next to the control panel when you visit the facility the next time around, and you’re in! Since your key is now your smartphone, there’s an even lesser chance of you losing it and falling into a puzzle (unlike the small traditional keys).

Remote Gate Access

Another add-on to your smartphone recently introduced is the ability to control your storage door remotely. This coupled with the ability to monitor your storage unit from your phone through a wireless connection to the facility’s surveillance system; it’s easier than ever to access your space. You now have a storage facility that can effectively be operated without manual labor! Though on a cautionary note, one needs to be careful only to manage the door if and when you have access to surveillance. Contact us for self storage in Miami needs.