Storing specific items means they require particular preparation, handling and care to be kept in the absolute best condition possible.  Nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to storing items not composed of the typical metal, plastics, and pressed plywood that many pieces of furniture have been relegated to; instead, pieces consisting of handcrafted woodworks, pieces housing intricate designs that exhibit the aura of precision shown in such pieces. That being said, you must make sure that if you are planning on storing these kinds of items, that the proper precautions are taken to make sure they are stored as safely as possible.


How to Store

Treat Before Storing


Dried out wood is susceptible to cracking and damage. To prevent this from occurring you need to make sure you treat your wood furniture with a polish to help add moisture to it before storing.




Climate Control Environment


More so than other items, your wooden furniture is incredibly susceptible to damage from drastic temperature changes. These highs and lows can cause the composition of the wood to change and morph that can lead to damage to the piece. Humidity can also lead to mold growth on the parts.


Take it Apart


If it can be taken apart, then do so. This will lead to easier storage, and allow for individual parts to be prepared easier for storage.


Keep it Covered


Make sure you have correctly covered your furniture correctly. This will add an extra layer of protection to your goods, and keep any potential dust build-up from occurring in its surface.


Make Sure You have Space


You do not want to force your expensive wooden furniture into a unit, as this can lead to damage to the pieces. Make sure everything has been measured out, from the interior space to the entrance. This will make sure you avoid any unsightly scratches.


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