In our previous blog post, we discussed the necessary steps to both protect and adequately pack your wood furniture items into your storage unit. However, not all of your furniture applies to this. Your upholstered and leather furniture require their own treatment and storage techniques if you want to protect them. Xtra Storage is here to help you effectively store couches and other upholstered furniture items.

Ready the Couch for Your Storage Unit

You never want to send furniture items to your storage unit as-is. A couch, in particular, accumulates a lot of natural dirt, dust, and bacteria from regular household usage. This buildup of dirt and filth makes it more prone to mold and mildew growth.

Take the time to remove the cushions and thoroughly vacuum all surfaces. Use anti-bacterial wipes or sprays that are safe for cloth or leather to aid in killing off any harmful microorganisms. For leather furniture, apply some high-quality leather cleaner and polish to help moisturize it. If your furniture has wooden legs, you’ll want to follow the steps as laid out by our previous article.

Your Couch (Properly)

Many people make the mistake of using airtight shrink wrap to cover their couches and other furniture. You need to use regular blankets to offer better long-term protection. The sheets do the job of keeping out unwanted dirt and humidity, but also give enough room for some air to circulate.

Using shrink wrap doesn’t allow for this as the tight sealing ends up trapping the moisture that you sought to keep out. A buildup of humidity quickly creates mold and mildew growth, which will ruin the couch.

Choose Temperature-Optimized Self Storage

Just like wood, upholstered furniture will suffer from temperature changes and high levels of humidity. While you need to find a storage unit that protects against both of these problems, you also want to ensure that the unit is pest protected. This will protect your couch and other furniture from pests looking to make their next meal out of your valuable fabrics.

Use Proper Storage Techniques

Storing a couch standing up on its side might seem like an effective way to save space in your storage unit. However, because the furniture does not support weight in this fashion, this will likely cause structural damage. You want to do whatever you can to store the couch upright. Avoid placing any items on top of the sofa to save space, as well, because this can leave permanent damage due to long-term weight on the cushion.

You want to keep the couch a reasonable distance from the wall that allows for optimal airflow at all times. If any condensation appears in your storage unit, your furniture will have a gap between it and the wall where it forms.

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