Given their size, appliances are a popular item to put in a storage unit. If you’re preparing to move to a new home or you’re downsizing and you’re unsure what you want to get rid of, self storage is the perfect solution.

That said, because they’re large objects that are prone to mildew, corrosion, and other issues, you need to understand how to store appliances before doing so. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about putting your appliances in a storage unit. This includes how to prepare your appliance for storage, what to look for in a storage facility, and more.

How to Prepare Your Appliance For Storage

There are a few things you can do to prepare your appliance for storage. First, it’s important to clean and dry the appliance, making sure there isn’t any water in the hoses. This prevents mold and mildew.

You also want to make sure there aren’t any pests in there like bugs, which can destroy the internal wiring and cause an infestation problem throughout your storage space.

When storing, don’t plug the appliance in. This can cause problems if there’s a power surge, and it also wastes power.

While it can be tempting given the amount of space they take, you shouldn’t place any items in your appliances.

You’ll also want to make sure the appliances are wrapped in blankets, towels, bubble wrap, or something similar. This will prevent the furniture from getting scratched. If you have the original box it came in, this can also be good for protection.

Finally, when you’re ready to move the appliance to its storage facility, you’ll want to shut the door in order to prevent it from swinging open. However, this tape should be removed when you arrive at the facility, as the enclosed environment can lead to mildew.

What To Look For From a Storage Facility

When putting your appliance in storage, you’ll want to prepare it to prevent corrosion, as well as any issues with the electronics. This means choosing the right facility to store your appliances is important, since humidity and changes in temperature are both damaging to appliances.

Along with that, you’ll want to find storage companies in Miami, that you can trust. Theft is generally less of a concern with appliances than with many other objects, because of their size. That said, given the value of appliances, it’s still worth making sure they’re protected.

Kendall Self Storage – Xtra Storage

If you’re looking to store your appliances in Miami, you’ve come to the right place. At Xtra Storage, we’ve been helping people in the Miami area store their belongings for over 30 years. We offer secure, temperature-regulated units.

Kendall is one of the four locations we have available. It’s located near the Falls Shopping Center and Pinecrest. If you have any questions about the facility, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 305.257.8925.

You can reach out about any of our four facilities on our contact page.