If you’ve lived in Miami for any significant length of time, you’re probably familiar with the term “snowbird.” It refers to anyone who lives up North for at least half of the year, but then migrates here for winter.

This sort of lifestyle is appealing, but it can also be expensive. A lot of snowbirds own two homes, though some may just choose to rent here. If you don’t own a home, storage units are a great way to save money and reduce shipping costs.

Why Storage Units Are Cheaper

Miami rent is rough. If you want to have a good time, you’ll get something that’s close to the action. You might want a place near the beach, near the nightlife, or near some other desirable residential area.

With a storage unit, none of that matters. You only need a place to keep your stuff. Rather than shipping it back and forth across the country – and rather than paying year-round for valuable space you won’t be using – storage units are laser-focused on providing the service you need: a place to put your stuff while you’re away.

What Should You Travel With?

If you can’t live without something, it’s best to take it with you from Miami to your home up North. Storage units are great for furniture and clothes that you won’t be using up North. But there are a number of things they shouldn’t be used for: medicine, guns, and food are three of the biggest.

If there’s food you haven’t eaten before you’re ready to leave, it’s best to give it to friends, neighbors, or a homeless shelter.

Want to Save Money with a Storage Unit in the Brickell Area?

You’ve come to the right place. At Xtra Storage, we’re dedicated to keeping your belongings safe. Whether you’re a snowbird going back up north or you’re simply running out of room at your place, our storage facilities can help you save money that would otherwise be spent shipping items between your homes.

We have four storage units spread across the Miami area: Aventura, Brickell, Kendall, and Plantation. Contact us online to get your free storage estimate today!