People place their belongings in storage because they care about them. You may not have the space or capabilities to store something, but the last thing you want is to enter your storage unit and find an item missing.

At Xtra Storage, we take security very seriously: that’s why people are only allowed to access their storage units when an employee is on the premises. Below, you’ll learn some of the things that you can do to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Lock Your Storage Unit

A lock is one of the simplest deterrents for thieves, but it’s also an effective one. Aside from being designed to prevent access, it also serves an important psychological purpose: when a thief sees a storage unit that’s locked, it’s no longer an easy target.

If they’re particularly determined, they may try to find an unlocked storage unit elsewhere. However, storage unit theft is usually a crime of opportunity, which means they’re likely to avoid breaking into a storage unit in the first place.

Don’t Give Anyone Else Access To Your Storage Unit

The more people you allow to access your storage unit, the easier it is for someone to steal something. While we don’t want to consider it possible, there’s always the chance that someone could steal your belongings.

Even if you trust the person, though, there’s still a chance that they could leave your unit vulnerable. What if, for instance, they forget to lock the storage unit once they’re done? What if they bring someone else with them to the storage unit, and that third person decides to steal something?

You need to be careful when allowing someone access to your unit. The best way to protect it is ensuring that the number of people with access is as limited as possible.

Finding a Self Storage Unit You Can Trust

Along with all of the above advice, it’s worth finding a self storage in Miami you can trust. Storage unit companies that are regularly ransacked aren’t going to be able to make clients happy, which means they won’t be in business for long.

A secure, trustworthy company should make you feel comfortable, given their previous track record of success. As well, they should be able to explain to you the security features present in their facilities.

Secure Self Storage in Miami – Xtra Storage

At Xtra Storage, we understand the importance of making sure the items in your unit are secure. Along with our policy of only allowing access to a unit when an employee is on the premises, we also offer 24/7 video surveillance. We’ve been keeping belongings safe for more than 30 years.

We have four self storage locations throughout the Miami area. Our Aventura facility is right off Biscayne Boulevard, next to Ojus Park. We’re less than a half hour drive away from Barry University, Broward College, and Miami-Dade College.

Interested in a secure self storage Miami unit? We’re happy to have a cup of coffee with you to explain how we work. You can reach out to request a visit with our online form.