Most storage companies don’t offer storage insurance. However, many do require you to carry it.

But are stored goods covered by your insurance company? Should you get insurance for your Aventura storage unit?

We’ll dive into the benefits of having insurance coverage on storage and how you can get it.

Why Do I Need Storage Insurance?

Some might argue that if your goods are worth storing somewhere safe, they’re worth insuring as well.

Though storage companies are generally well-built to protect your goods, major weather events or natural disasters can quickly destroy items in a storage unit. In the event of a fire, flood, or hurricane, there’s always a chance that your valued items won’t make it through.

It may also be worth insuring your storage unit if your items are particularly valuable. Stored items such as appliances or even a vehicle can cost you a fortune if they were to be lost while in storage. Though there’s no replacing items of sentimental value, you can help cushion that potential blow by recouping some of the lost value.

Finally, there’s also the slim possibility of criminal activity. Storage facilities generally prepare for this by having high-tech security features such as advanced locks, 24/7 camera monitoring, and more. Nevertheless, break-ins and burglaries can and do happen from time to time. If you feel more secure covering yourself in the event of theft, you should look into storage insurance.

How Do I Get Storage Insurance?

As with any type of additional coverage, you should reach out to your current insurance agent to discuss your options. It is possible that your homeowners or renters insurance policy can already cover goods in storage with a certain coverage limit.

In other cases, your insurance company can usually provide some form of rider that will cover your stored goods at a small additional cost per month. However, you should check to see what items the policy will and will not cover. There may be even more additional steps you have to go through to cover expensive items like jewelry.

Your insurance company should provide you with key information such as limits, restrictions, and rules for qualifying for coverage. Be sure that you acquire an additional policy that satisfies what you have in your personal storage unit. Consider combining policies to ensure that you’re protected from everything including flooding or mold growth.

Inventory and Value Everything in Your Aventura Unit

Just as you should with your home goods, you need to create a detailed list of everything stored in your unit. Insurance companies don’t insure guesswork, so you’ll need to be as thorough as possible to verify what’s inside. This includes a description of what the items are, dates, serial numbers, and anything else to help you identify your items.

When insurance companies receive accurate, detailed information regarding a claim, they’re generally quicker when it comes to payouts.

Insure Your Storage Unit at Xtra Storage

Xtra Storage has been proudly and successfully aiding the Aventura community with stored goods for over three decades. We have units of all sizes at ground level or higher up. Our facilities are protected by high-quality security pads, video surveillance, and constant employee supervision. Nevertheless, you should always take every precaution and insure your goods in the case of unavoidable circumstances.

At Xtra Storage, you’ll get the best value and best security for your storage unit. To decide what unit is best for your needs, use our handy size guide! For all other questions or concerns, give our Aventura location a call today at 305-257-9194.