If you haven’t used a storage room before, you may not know how much space you need to rent. Especially if the belongings you want to bring are currently stored in multiple rooms, it’s difficult to eyeball how much space they’ll take. For this reason, we’ve compiled the following guide.

What Can You Fit in a 7.5x10x12 Storage Unit?

Our Miami storage units are perfect if you’re remodeling one room of your home.

What Can Fit in a 10x10x12 Storage Unit?

10x10x12 storage units are most popular for individuals who are storing the contents of their two-bedroom house during a move or renovation. Single individuals with smaller homes, or people who don’t need to fill the space required by a two-bedroom home, will want to go with a smaller size.

What Size Unit Do I Need If I Want to Store My Vehicle?

If you want to store your car at one of our facilities, you’ll have to go to the Plantation site. Call (954) 452-9600 for more information on sizing recommendations for vehicle storage services.

What if These Units Are Too Big?

Don’t worry. With more than 100 different size units, we have the properly sized Miami storage unit that’s right for you. If you simply want a place to store file boxes, we even have a place where you can do just that. No matter the size of your property, we can store it.

Unsure How Much Storage Room You Need?

At Xtra Storage, we’ve been helping people make room in their homes for years. We have storage rooms in Aventura, Brickell, Kendall, and Plantation – all throughout the Miami, FL area!

Whether you just need to store a few files, or you need to store most of the items in your house while you move, we have the storage you need. If you’re unsure how much room you want to get for your objects, it’s no sweat: we have you covered. We allow you to transfer account balances between rooms, meaning you’re not paying for more space than you’re using! To get an estimate of how much room your belongs will need – as well as how much it’ll cost to store these items – contact us today for storage Miami needs.