The spring season might be the favorite one of all, with the birds chirping, flowers blooming, and kids coming out to play again. But then you return to your house and see it cluttered with items you don’t remember using in the past few months. Lucky for you, spring is also about spring cleaning and reorganizing your home to suit your current daily dynamics. But we understand cleaning can be easier said than done, whether you are targeting the entire house or just one room.

Fortunately, here are some spring cleaning tips and tricks for a more organized home-

Tip #1- Plan Your Cleaning: Cleaning can often get overwhelming, and instead of doing it, we get distracted by the first thing we see. However, if you have a plan for the day or the entire week, you will know where your time goes.

Tip #2- Clean Room by Room: It is easy if you plan to clean one room at a time over a few days. But the task becomes tricky when you want to clean the entire house. It is a huge project to take over, and taking small steps will win the game. Begin cleaning neglected rooms first and then move to rooms cleaned often.

Tip #3- Declutter First: Before you begin to reorganize, dust, and clean the floors, declutter and make some space. Divide the things into three piles of donating, keeping, and throwing. Once you see what you have, you will be much better at reorganization.

Tip #4- Test the Safety Features: When dusting and cleaning your house, make sure you check the batteries in your home safety features like the smoke detectors and air purifiers to keep yourself and your family safe all year round.

Tip #5- Replace Air Filters: When at it, swap the old and dusty air filters in your furnace and air conditioning with new ones that should work until the next spring.

Tip #6- Don’t Forget These Spots: We often clean the apparent and easily visible places but forget the hidden parts. For instance, the ceiling fan wings, air vents, window blinds, and much more are overlooked in the regular dusting chore.

Tip #7- Clean the Walls: You will be surprised to know how much dust your walls attract on a daily basis. Make sure you clean them or the dust particles will contaminate the air soon.

Tip #8- Deep Clean Rugs: Carpets and rugs are often overstepped (Intentional pun). But if you are not keeping them away in storage companies in Miami, you need to deep clean them and get rid of all the dirt.

Tip #9- Rent a Storage Unit: The final thing you need to do is rent a self storage, Aventura, Fl. You can store all the extra items with sentimental values you don’t regularly use for the next time.

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