Many are familiar with the idea that wine gets better as it ages, but this isn’t actually true in most cases. The reason aged wine is such a delicacy is because it’s rare for wines to age properly.

In this article, we’ll let you know the questions you should ask when determining whether you should age your wine: this includes determining whether it was made for aging, how old it is, and whether you prefer the taste of aged wine to non-aged wine. By the end, you should have a much better idea of whether or not your wine could benefit from aging.

Was The Wine Made For Aging?

Ultimately, the majority of wines that you can buy are not designed for aging. This is especially true for wines that are $30 or less, which are almost always designed to be had without aging.

Generally speaking, this means they’re designed to be imbibed within five years if they’re red wines. If they’re white or rose, you should plan to drink it within the next 2-3 years.

Wines that aren’t designed to be aged won’t have the proper amount of tannin, which means you’ll be left with duller favors that don’t excite the palate.

Complex, vibrant red wines with tannins are designed to be aged. As well, sweet, nearly clear white wines are designed to be aged.

How Old Is The Wine?

Different wines are meant to be stored for different periods of time. When purchasing wine, it’s useful asking the seller how long it’s intended to be sold for, as well as how old the wine currently is.

You also want to keep notes so you remember how long you’ve kept your wine in storage. This will ensure that you understand when it’s time to take the wine out of storage and enjoy it.

How Do You Want The Wine To Taste?

Ultimately, your personal preferences are more important than any rules about whether or not a wine should be aged. Before taking the time to store wine, it may be worth sampling aged wines at a restaurant or winery to determine your preferred tastes.

It can be incredibly rewarding to age wine, you just want to make sure to understand why you’re aging it.

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