People use self-storage units for various reasons, but their ultimate purpose is to keep your belongings safe when you don’t need them. Though stowed away, you may need some of this stuff, such as winter clothing, electronic devices, or books, at specific points in time. If you don’t keep them organized, you’ll have a tough time finding them.

Therefore, here we share eight self-storage ideas to help you sort and store your things more efficiently, so you don’t have to waste time and effort the next time you need them.

Choose clear bins instead of cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes cost less than plastic containers. But transparent plastic boxes allow you to see through and know what is inside without even opening them. They will save you a lot of time and effort that you’d have otherwise spent digging through the cartons to find any specific item.

Disassemble furniture and place it vertically

If you want to save space and money when storing furniture in a warehouse, disassemble it and place it vertically. So, if you plan to keep a bed, separate the headrest, frame, mattresses, and, if possible, its legs as well. It will enable you to accommodate all of it in a small space, leaving plenty of room for other things.

Store heavy items at the back and bottom

When putting your stuff in a storage facility, make sure that you keep large and bulky items such as furniture and suitcases at the back. When stacking boxes on top of each other, put heavy boxes at the bottom. This way, you won’t damage the smaller and lighter items under the heavy load.

Place frequently needed things at the front

If you expect to use your storage unit quite a few times in a year, place things that you would often need at the front. It will save you the hassle of going through everything every time you go looking for those items.

Label everything

Even if you store things in a clear plastic box, label them, and list the contents. This one-time activity will make searching through them real quick and easy without you having to open 50 different cartons to get one small thing.

Leave some room for easier access

Make sure you leave some room for moving about when placing the boxes in the storage unit. Leaving some space between the cartons will allow you to reach the front and the back without unsettling everything.

Don’t store wet and dry things together

Ensure that you don’t mix with dry things items that may invite mold or other types of moisture-related damage. It can ruin all the contents of that box and the nearby containers too.

Use furniture’s hollow spaces

If you have a wardrobe or a dining table that you can’t dismantle, use the space inside them to store smaller boxes. It will help you save a lot of space in the storage unit.

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