Many people have been collecting and storing wines for centuries to age them to their preferred tastes. Generally, wines are stored in underground wine caves and cellars where they do not get disturbed or come in contact with the light. Underground storage also provides other ideal storage conditions like cooler temperatures and dark surroundings. If you also like to collect wines but don’t own a cellar, you can benefit from a few rules on how to store them.

Here are seven rules of storing wine if you don’t have a wine cellar-

Rule #1- Store Your Wines in a Dark Place: Wines get ruined ‌quick if they are exposed to lights. This includes both sunlight and fluorescent lights. Even a short-termed exposure can damage the chemical composition of the drink and give it an off-taste. The UV rays further prematurely age the wine, making it taste foul.

Rule #2- Keep Your Wines Away From Vibrations: Constant vibrations can disturb the sediments that control a wine’s delicate aging process and make them taste good. It is best to keep your wine away from agitating appliances such as washing machines, dryers, and stereo systems.

Rule #3- Keep the Storage Area Humid: Humidity is critical to keeping the wine long. Lower humidity will dry out the cork, allowing air to enter the bottle and oxidize the components. On the other hand, too much moisture can peel off the labels, making it difficult to sell the wine and also posing a risk for mold growth. The ideal humidity for wine storage ranges between sixty to sixty-eight percent.

Rule #4- Keep the Temperature Appropriate: Precise temperature is very critical to store wines. Neither cold nor warm storage is suitable for them. While the exact temperature depends on the wine type, but general ideal temperature for any wine is around fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit. You must ensure no wine is stored in temperatures below twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit when they freeze and above sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit where the volatile compounds in the drink would destroy and accelerate the aging process. You should also avoid storing your wine bottles in the standard refrigerator and use a wine fridge instead.

Rule #5- Store Away in Boxes: Wines bought online are delivered in cardboard boxes. The box keeps the light away and absorbs transportation shocks, reducing most vibrations. If the container has a styrofoam lining, it will also minimize the effects of temperature fluctuations.

Rule #6- Keep Your Wine Bottles Horizontally: It is best to keep wine bottles with corks at an angle or place them horizontally to keep the cork moist with wine, which will prevent the air from entering the bottle and oxidizing the wine.

Rule #7- Keep the Area Well-Ventilated: Proper ventilation is necessary to keep moldy smells away from your wines. Storing your bottles in the basement is a good choice as long as it is well-ventilated.

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