Most of us spent 2020 in our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With restrictions on physical movements, there has been a mass shift towards getting work done remotely. Whether it’s online shopping or working from home, an increasing number of people are exploring online alternatives for work that previously needed your physical presence.

Keeping with this emerging trend, many storage facilities now offer remote management of self-storage units. Here are five factors that you should consider when selecting a self-storage unit that you can manage remotely.

Top security

Since you won’t be visiting the facility in person, you need to ensure your belongings’ safety and security. Ask the facility what type of security measures they employ. Do they have CCTV cameras, climate-controlled & air-conditioned storage units, and other security measures in place to protect your stuff?

Online payments

With remote management, you must have the means to pay the rent remotely. Ask the facility whether they accept online payments. Modern self-storage facilities offer online payment methods and send timely payment reminders to their remote clients.


When managing a self-storage unit remotely, you must have an open communication line with the facility staff. Advanced technology allows you to talk to a person at the other end of the world. Ask your storage facility how they communicate with remote clients? You can also ask for a designated contact person who can help you out in case of emergencies.


Most self-storage units that offer remote management are not cheap. It is because they invest in security measures and other on-site facilities to ensure your valuables are secure and accessible. If a storage facility offers remote management at exceptionally cheap rates, they are probably running a scam.

Your stuff’s shelf-life

Customers usually choose remote management when they want to store away their belongings for an extended period. Therefore, make sure you don’t store perishable items such as food or plants. They can rot and spoil other things in proximity by spreading mold and fungi.

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