With spring semester rapidly coming to close many college students will embark on the journey home, to friends and family they have not had the time to see as of late. But it is not just college stories they will be bringing along with them, but an assortment of stuff they have collected during their dorm days. Now, bringing these things home with them is an option, what may be a better choice is to have your items stored during the summer. Here are some valid reasons as to why you may want to have some of your unnecessary things stored during the summer instead of bringing it with you.

Time and Money

Money savedThe cost that would go into transporting your goods to and from your parent’s house, after miles and moving labor is added up will most likely exceed the price of a storage unit. You also need to equate the amount of time you will have to include in moving your things on and off of the truck, not to mention trying to find room in your parent’s house.

You are better off renting a storage unit with a secure storage facility near your campus.

We will Keep It Safe

Storage facilities are in the business of making sure another person’s property is safe and secure. We will make sure that not only is it safe from theft, but also that it is stored in a climate controlled location, as to make sure that no damage comes to your goods. Your stuff is much safer here than in your room or apartment while you are gone.security logo

Saving Space

Dorm rooms are small, and your parent’s house is already home to a large variety of their stuff. A storage unit will help alleviate the confined feeling you might get trying to fit so much stuff in a location home to so much stuff already, not including the fact that it is previously occupied by people living there.

Make Your Parents Happy

Storing your property in a unit helps make the costs of storing them more reasonable, and keeps your stuff out of the way. This would help relieve the potential stress that your parents would have to go through if you wanted to bring your things home with you. They would probably have to pay for the excessive moving costs and live with your stuff in their house; which we can guarantee would not put your parents in the best of moods.

Xtra Storage

Man putting boxes in storage unit.Xtra Storage has been in the storing business for 30 years and will continue to offer a family-friendly environment and trustworthy employees, and have special packages for students in need of summer storage. Come check out our fantastic Kendall self-storage location that is close to the University of Miami.


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