The trend of compact urban living is responsible for the increasing popularity of self-storage units. Renting big and expensive apartments to accommodate all the household stuff is no longer feasible, primarily because of the rising rents in high-priced, high-density urban areas. Since most of us can’t move to distant suburban neighborhoods, micro-apartments have become the new normal.

However, selecting a storage unit is no mean task. It would help if you did a lot of homework related to the cost, the space available, the warehouse’s location, and whether it’s climate-controlled.

Experts recommend renting a climate-controlled storage unit to store fragile and expensive items. Since they protect your belongings from extreme weather and temperature fluctuations, climate-controlled facilities are costlier than standard storage units.

Here we share the benefits and downsides of using a climate-controlled storage unit to help you decide whether they work for you not.

Advantages of using a climate-controlled storage unit

Offers protection against natural elements

All climate-controlled storage units are insulated to protect your items against natural elements such as sunlight, rain, and snow. Their temperature is regulated to prevent your stuff from the changing weather’s ill-effects.

Has HVAC and dehumidifiers

A climate-controlled storage unit uses high-quality HVAC systems and dehumidifiers to protect your delicate items such as china pottery, wooden furniture, antiques, musical instruments, and electronic equipment.

Offers top security

Most climate-controlled units offer heightened security, so they are not easily accessible to everyone. They also have cameras and other security devices installed to act as a deterrent for burglars and thieves, so your valuables are safe.

No threat of pests

If you plan to store things for an extended period, chances are pests like cockroaches, rats, and other insects will infest them in a standard storage unit. But a climate-controlled facility is adequately sealed and insulated, so problems cannot enter it.

Disadvantages of using a climate-controlled storage unit

It is costly

Climate-controlled units are expensive compared to standard storage units. If your belongings cost less than the climate-controlled unit’s rent, you should not use them. Moreover, if most of the items you plan to store don’t get damaged easily by weather conditions, you probably don’t need a climate-controlled facility.

Not easily accessible

Most such storage units are located inside a warehouse, and you won’t be able to access them easily with your car or any other vehicle. Therefore, it’s tedious to store and regularly access your stuff.

Not for a short duration

If you want to store something for a limited time, say, a week or two, you do not need a climate-controlled unit as weather conditions don’t change as quickly in an area. It’s too short a time for other external elements to damage your stuff, so you can manage with a standard storage unit and save money.

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