Our homes have many appliances which are pretty costly. When you move or do not need them for some time, a storage unit in Brickell Xtra Storage, Miami, Florida, is your best bet. They are a reliable and safe storage facility for all your home appliances. However, it is essential that you keep them protected so that whenever you need them, they will be in the perfect condition for use. Whether you are storing them away for a short time or a long time, you must carefully prepare them.

Here is how you can prepare your washing machine and dryer for storage before keeping them in Brickell Xtra Storage-

Why You Need to Prepare Your Washing Machine and Dryer for Storage?

Like other appliances, washing machines and dryers have many metallic components, which, if not used regularly, can rust. However, they are protected in a storage unit. Moreover, the functional elements may also reduce efficiency as the dust settles between them. They may also stop working entirely. Since the objective of renting a unit in public storage in Miami and storing your appliances is to keep them safe, you should ensure they are prepared in a manner that can provide such results.

Preparing Your Washing Machine and Dryer for Storage-

Step #1- Let the insides dry: Washing machines and dryers have naturally humid environments. When you store them in the same condition as you keep them at home, they may get damaged. The humid climate inside these machines will offer suitable conditions for mold growth, while moisture in metallic components can pave the way to rust. If you have recently used your appliances, it is best to give them at least twenty-four hours to completely dry from the inside. You are then ready to store your washing machine and dryer in Brickell Xtra Storage Inc.

Step #2- Run a clean cycle: Washing machines are supposed to clean our laundry, but have you wondered how you can keep them clean? While you may be able to keep these appliances clean from the outside, you can’t do much about the interior components manually. Lint from all the washes and built-up detergents may harm your machine in the long run if you do not clean it. Run a clean cycle with hot water and detergent to cleanse the interiors of your washing machine. You can clean your dryer by removing and cleaning the lint tray.

Step #3- Prepare the storage unit: Lastly, you must rent air-conditioned storage in Miami. The temperature may fluctuate in the unit, which can form condensation vapors in the washing machine and dryers, giving rise to rust and mold.

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