There are many types of storage units available today in the market. In fact, you can find the perfect one around your location that ticks all the marks on your list. While there are many factors, you need to consider two primary ones early—climate-controlled or not. The choice of your rented public storage in Kendall largely depends on the area you live in and the items you want to keep in it. If you choose a non-climate-controlled storage unit, you will need to take some precautions to keep your belongings free from any damage.

Let us discuss some precautions you should take if your storage in Kendall does not have climate control-

#1- Dry Your Items Thoroughly: Moisture can cause huge trouble for your belongings if there is even a hint of it on your articles. Moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations in a non-climate-controlled storage unit provide a suitable environment for mildew and mold to grow and thrive. Your items will then also attract pests like silverfish, which will destroy them. It is crucial that you thoroughly dry all the articles before packing them. It is also recommended to add desiccants to your clothes and other materials, which will absorb the extra moisture and prevent mildew from growing.

#2- Use Air-Tight Containers: While it is preferred to use cardboard packing boxes in case of climate-controlled public storage in Aventura, it is a better choice to go with air-tight containers in non-climate-controlled units. Such boxes keep the moisture away and hence protect your valuables like books, electronics, and apparel from environmental elements that could destroy them.

#3- Disassemble Furniture Pieces: Disassembling large furniture pieces isn’t just an excellent way to keep everything in a more spacious manner, but it helps in other ways too. Wooden articles expand and contract with temperature changes and humidity. Keeping them separately can prevent warping them to a significant extent. You should also cover every piece individually in wrapping paper to reduce the effect of environmental elements further.

#4- Pack Your Clothes Correctly: You can store your clothes in air-tight plastic bins or wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes are preferred for clothes as they are specifically designed to keep them safe from dust and humidity. They will also keep them free from wrinkles. While they can be a more expensive option, they are worth it.

#5- Use Cedar Balls: Most storage companies in Miami use measures to keep pests away. However, bugs and moths can fly inside your non-climate-controlled units. Using cedar balls will keep these away from your unit.

#6- Follow the Storage Facility Rules: There are a few things that you should not store in your Palmetto Bay storage. These articles are live plants, animals, illegal items, and open food containers. These can put your unit and that of your neighbors in jeopardy.

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