For comfort and easiness, attending a college close to home seems the most rational way of going forward into the next phase of your life. However, one’s drive to leave the preverbal nest and strike out on their own, combined with an abundance of fantastic colleges peppering the U.S. means that many students will seek out of state education. This may be nerve-wracking and to some extent scary, but with support and positivity backing them up, this could be a fantastic moment in their lives. That being said, we often forget this means certain things become a little more difficult when it comes to time off from school, seeing as you are no longer a stone’s throw away from your family. Here are some tips for those going home during the summer to another state.

Storing Timeframe

out-of-state studentMake sure you schedule your storage unit enough time in advance to make sure you are getting a unit comparable to the items you are storing. If you have a large number of things that you know will be more of a hindrance than necessary items, best to schedule a larger unit in advance.

Knowing What You Need

Unlike those traveling home via a short hour or two trips, an out of state student will most likely be utilizing flight as their mode of transportation. This being the fastest and safest route, does not diminish the issues that present themselves, as storage space may be both restricted and expensive. Consider storing a whole of your items, and bringing home only the necessary supplies needed, i.e., clothing and essential toiletries. Everything else can be safely stored for your arrival back to school in the fall.

Providing Aid

Secure unitThough it goes without saying, students do not exactly have the amplest supply of money, and this can be doubly true for those attending school in another state. Parents, supplying them with a local storage unit may help them get home all the more comfortable. This being the case, we at Xtra Storage provide a student summer discount to help everyone in this situation.

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